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Phoenix Boutique is an online Irish shop for today's resilient woman. We carry a variety of different brands, but most importantly, our new unique Irish Phoenix Collection

As the story goes, the Phoenix was a fierce, fiery, beautiful bird. Greek mythology has it that the Phoenix lived for 500 years before bursting into flames, leaving nothing behind but ash. Out of the burned ashes rises a new Phoenix, more beautiful and more powerful than the one before. Phoenix is symbolic of strength, hope and survival. The radiant bird represents renewal, and resilience as well as brilliance, beauty and magic. 

To 'rise like a phoenix from the ashes' means to emerge stronger, smarter and more powerful. Phoenix has inspired tales, stories and mythical legends. It has inspired us ladies here at Phoenix HQ too. 

This has been a hard year on most, for many different reasons. Now, more than ever, we at Phoenix feel that this is a time for self-care, as well as being kind to those around us.

Phoenix is inspired by these challenging times. Not by the hurdles and knocks but by our ability to Rise Up. To have the courage to keep going. 
Resilience. Strength. Kindness.

With this in mind we’ve travelled all over Europe and beyond to gather collections that will resonate with the females who wear them. We are also incredibly excited to introduce our own Phoenix Collection. These are unique designs created by the team at Phoenix in the hope that our Phoenix Followers can relate to the message they convey.

With a range of outfits for all those more casual occasions, whether it's lounging, zoom calls, online/offline, working from home or just chilling, we have created the perfect wardrobe for the most strong, kind, resilient risers, for fierce fashionistas and boss babes.

We hope that our message and our inspiration resonates with all of our Phoenix Family and Phoenix Followers.

We cannot wait to see the 'Faces of Phoenix' and where our stylish products find their new homes. 

Rise Up


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