Labels Are Not For Us

The Phoenix Collection

You'll notice that our own original Irish designed, Italian made, Phoenix Collection sweatshirts don't have sizing labels attached to the back of the neckline.
We made this choice for two reasons.
Firstly, we feel that Size Does Not Matter. We understand that sometimes you don't want your clothing size on view when you take an item off.
What's important to us is how you FEEL in your Phoenix Sweatshirt,
not what size appears on a label.
Secondly - Labels Suck! Tags are itchy, scratchy, annoying and uncomfortable.
You will see our classy Phoenix Logo printed on the inside of your sweatshirt instead.
The size indicator is included (for those who are into that thing) on the care label inside the sweatshirt, together with instructions on how best to love and show your Phoenix Sweatshirt some wash related TLC.
Labels are for Jars. Not for People. Definitely not for our Phoenix Family!